Live Love Beirut

All proceeds from this fundraiser will be go to the Rebuild Beirut initiative by Live Love Beirut.

Rebuild Beirut are focused on helping with the reconstruction of homes and businesses lost in the August 4th Explosion. So far they have completed 48 properties, and reconstruction is in progress for 80 more

How it works?

Rebuild's Beirut's raised funds are distributed directly based on the requests that Live Love receive online and to their call center. They have a database of requests and profile them based on type of request and urgency. An in-person assessment of each home is completed in order to create a comprehensive profile.The profile is a one page paper which includes: 

  • Damage Assessment: High, Medium, Low 
  • Scope of Damage/Material needs: glass, wood, aluminum 
  • Cost Estimate
  • Photos of damages
  • Family information: income/employment status, rent/ownership status, number of family members, if house is liveable and if alternative shelter is available, medical needs
  • Location and contact information

Any funds received would then go to the most urgent cases. For example, if no alternative shelter is available for a house that's completely destroyed, this case would be extremely urgent. A family with no income would be considered more urgent than one with an income. 

Live Love will Provide us with a comprehensive impact report directly describing how raised proceeds will be used.

If you would like to donate directly to Rebuild Beirut! Click Here