Sharif Akhaoui: (Founder)
Sharif Akhaoui was born in New York city and grew up between London and Beirut. After attending Tring Park school of the Performing arts and California Institute of the Arts, he moved back to London to work with different artists and performers as an artistic producer and live event manager. He produced a Ballet with Marie Agnes Gillot at the Scene Musicale in Paris and was marketing director for tonteria a live event venue in central London. He is now pursuing a degree in Music Business at the British Institute of Modern Music

Tala Safie: (Graphic Design)
Tala Safié is a graphic designer from Beirut based in Brooklyn. She currently works as an art director at the New York Times, specializing in print projects.

Raphaelle Macaron: (Illustration)
Raphaelle Macaron was born and raised in Beirut where she completed her studies in Illustration and Comics. She is now based in Paris where she works as a freelance illustrator and comic book author. Her first graphic novel "Les Terrestres". A documentary co-written with Noël Mamère, was published in September 2020 and she is now working on her next book. 

SS Silkscreen: (Printing)
Founded in 1988 by Salim Samara and Farah Fayad SS-Silkscreen remains a constant source for quality silkscreen printing for the Lebanese art Scene. Located in Mar Mikhael at the heart of where the explosion happened, they managed to keep their shop open and continue despite the strenuous circumstances. SS Silkscreen takes pride in perfection.