What is going on in Lebanon

On October 17th 2019 a citizen revolution broke out in Lebanon in response to the dramatic economic situation, the lack of basic services and decades of corruption and mismanagement perpetrate by a corrupt political ruling class. The Covid 19 epidemic forced businesses to shut down sending the already battered economy into a downward spiral. It had been a summer of dramatic price inflation, electricity shortages, and heated protests with violence committed against protestors by the security forces. The inflation rate in Lebanon reached an all time high of 112.9% in July 2020, making basic necessities unaffordable to the majority of the population.

We thought we had hit rock bottom…. But we had not

On August 4th 2020 an explosion of unprecedented magnitude ripped through the battered Lebanese capital Beirut 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate, fifteen tons of fireworks, and jugs of kerosene were improperly stored in Beirut’s port and caused one of biggest explosion in Modern history.

In 60 seconds
7000 people were injured
90,000 homes were destroyed
300,000 people were made homeless
And more than 200 people died and many are still missing.

This tragedy of unimaginable scale was the result of years of negligence, corruption, and clientilism on the part of the Lebanese ruling elite. Once again a traumatized population had to pick up the pieces and once again the government was nowhere to be found.

Several grass roots organizations, civil society groups and individuals took it upon themselves to clean the streets, help the injured, feed the needy and house the homeless. But the needs are huge and they need your support.

Beirut is on its knees. Its people and especially its youth trying each in their own way to contribute to its survival

We are part of this youth trying to do our part.  

As Lebanese creatives we decided to design a T-shirt with a simple message
Because the world needs to keep talking about us.
Designed, produced by the people of Beirut for the people of Beirut.

All proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt will go to Live Love Beirut an established NGO helping in reconstruction of impoverished areas affected by the explosion.